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Show Routing Table on macOS

Published: at 07:15 AM

I set up and configured an AWS Client VPN Endpoint that is routing through a VPC with a transit gateway. There are several routes that run through the transit gateway and a VPN attachment as well.

Initially I did testing in the VPC where the transit gateway lives and began to test access to other VPC’s. I noticed that I couldn’t access the other subnets. I began troubleshooting and wanted to show the routes on my mac. To do so, you need to run the following command:

netstat -rn

The -r flag means to show routes.

The -n flag means to not resolve IPs to hostnames.

Here is an example of the command output-

![image.png]( align=“left”)

I was able to verify the routes were being populated and complete the configuration on AWS side to complete my project.