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I Created a Magic 8 Ball in Python

Published: at 03:56 PM

I am doing a Python course that requires hands-on projects vs. watching training videos. Below is a “Magic 8 Ball” app I made based on a project that required elif statements.

I added the answers to a list and reworked it a little bit. Below is the code. Check it out!

import random

answers = [
    "Yes, definitely",
    "It is decidedly so",
    "Without a doubt", 
    "Reply hazy, try again",
    "Ask again later",
    "Better not tell you now", 
    "My sources say no",
    "Outlook not so good",
    "Very doubtful"

name = input("What's your name: ")

question = input("Ask your question: ")

random_index = random.randint(0, len(answers) - 1)
random_answer = answers[random_index]

print(name + " asks: " + question) 
print("Magic 8 Ball's answer: " + random_answer)