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How to create multiple TXT records in AWS Route 53

Published: at 01:03 PM

Domain verification has become something everyone has to do to use certain services. For example, Microsoft 365. I ran into a little snag today and it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought.

My customer already had and txt record in Route 53 for their spf. I had a request to add another txt record for another service to perform domain ownership/verification.

When I went to add the record, it would not allow me to use @ as the host as it created a new record instead of using the root-level domain name.

After researching this, I found the answer is to add the txt value into the already existing record in quotes underneath the existing value.

This is an example:

"v=spf1 -all"

The interesting part is when I did a dig and nslookup for txt records, the results show two different txt records.