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Enable Fortinet Firewall + Fortianalyzer to Resolve Hostnames in Fortiview

Published: at 06:12 AM

I’ve been jumping knee-deep in Fortinet firewalls and their logging + reporting systems.

One thing that was driving me crazy is the fact the “Source” section was only the IP address. On the Fortigate firewall under “Fortiview” it did list the “Source IP Hostname” but it meant digging pretty deep into the logs. On the Fortianalyzer product it didn’t list the “Source IP Hostname” at all.

After digging around I found the commands to enable this on both the Fortigate and Fortianalyzer.


config log setting  
set resolve-ip enable  

FortiAnalyzer can resolve the IPs for FortiView & Reports, just not Log View.

  1. FortiView
    On FortiAnalyzer, for FortiView widgets, using DNS resolution to resolve IPs to hostname is configurable via the CLI:
config system fortiview setting  
set resolve-ip {enable | disable}  

Hope this post helps someone in the future with the same issue!